Saturday, 3 March 2012


Photo's. The one thing that can hold a memory and 1000+ words in the one 6x4 frame (sometimes bigger..). When you flip through photo's it brings back memories of a time in your life when you were happy, sad, excited, tired, childish, stupid, smart, hippy and so much more. You see a photo and think what you were doing at that time, what was happening, who were you with, what was being said, then you start to think deeper and start thinking about maybe the relationships you have had and possibly still have with those in the picture, the job you had and every other thing starts to flood back unless it is something so bad you have pushed it back to the back of your mind, a time you have forgotten, a time that doesn't represent any part of who you are now.

I think photo's are the one thing that people can hide behind, they can smile and act like they are happy because the picture doesn't show the cuts they have on their wrist, they can look like they don't know somebody is taking the picture of them but really be thinking that as soon as the picture is taken they are going to wrestle the photographer to the ground. But in saying that, can someone really hide? I mean, if you went for a job interview to be a police officer when you were 40 and the person holding the interview had done some digging and found a photo of when you got convicted for murdering a man, you can't hide then, every thing from your past would come right back and shove you in the back.

It's memories. The only reason photo's are still present in the 21st society is because people can let go of their past, their history, the things they did when they were young, how they looked when they were 18, how skinny/fat they were and how they wish they were still at that point in their life, or it could be a constant reminder of our family, friends and the fact that people make mistakes - and nobody ever wants to go back to some mistakes. I know that if i got my way i wouldn't be where i am, i would be in quite a few of my pictures living the life i love with the ones i love. But life can't be perfect so we will just have to live with that, won't we.

                                                                                                         Maddy x

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