Thursday, 29 March 2012


WOW! so with quite a few of my last blog's they haven't been quite that inspiring or uplifting and I am very sorry for that, my blog's are just a conscious stream of thought about what is worrying me, making me happy etc. Today's blog (as you can clearly guess by the title) is about Friends. Lately I have been lucky enough to make quite a few new friends, just by striking up a completely random conversation and smiling and being friendly because the truth is nobody in this world wants to be alone no matter how much they try and say so, they don't. Anyone providing they are not in a hurry or doing anything in particular will be happy to strike up a conversation about anything and everything, and if you are looking for a relationship you might just be able to use one of those famous pick up lines you have swarming around in your head ;). Some people just don't get the fact that i have just stated, they think that people will think they are weird and judge them straight away when they are honestly very good people, so even though part of this is true and first impressions do last it's not that bad! I have a friend who is like this; she constantly thinks she has no friends, even when she has so many she just doesn't care to notice, she thinks that people will think she is weird if she asks for their number when she has known them for a whole term and has been sitting and conversing with them daily! I have told her to just ask because the worst thing they can say is 'no' and then they will soon forget about it anyway! She just can't bring herself to do it, which is such a shame because anybody would be really lucky to have her as a friend because she is pretty, smart and so trustworthy! To all you people out there like this I encourage you to take a deep breath and go for it! Just start up a conversation, talk that guy/girl you have always wanted to, ask for a number and just go out and live life to the fullest! Because after all;
"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith"
-Margaret Shepherd
Maddy x

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