Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Depression, easy to say but hard to overcome. You never know when it will hit you, never know how it feels until you've got it. Don't under-estimate the power of this mental illness. It strikes the young and old, the healthy and the unhealthy, rich and poor. It does not discriminate. Yet, people throw it around in eveyday life, saying things like "I'm so depressed, i don't think he loves me anymore" they see a sad movie and say "that movie has just made me depressed". But do they know how it feels? Have they experienced it for themselves and know the feeling of wanting to kill yourself every day just because you are't happy with one aspect of your life and everything else seems to crumble around you and nothing ever goes right? Most don't. Theres an old saying that says 'nothing is so bad you can't talk about it'. Well once again i don't agree with this, people can bottle things up in their heads and bodies and never want to let the demons escape their scratched dry lips for the fear of someone treating them differently like they can't handle things by themselves. They may be too afraid of talking about their problems because everyone sees them as the smiling shoulder to cry on, the one who's always there for help and advice, the one everyone can count on for support. They don't want others to then see them as someone who has problems, who can't handle the way they think and the way their thoughts are etched in the gaze the have almost constantly. No. They can't tell anyone because once someone knows your secret they have that expression on their face that says they think your a mad man, your a liar, your anything but depressed because they are the ones still smiling after their family has been lost and their lives blown into a million pieces. So i would like to just mention to everyone reading this that next time you see the 'girl next door', 'happy father of 3' or even the local hermit, ask if they are okay, ask how they are feeling and how their lives are going, and even if they don't want to say anything to you then, say to them they can trust you and you are there whenever they need help with anything - and mean it!
                                                                                      Maddy x

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  1. just because your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you doesn't mean the world is coming to an end - ESPECIALLY if you are still in your teens or early twenties. There are alot worse things out there that people have to deal with everyday, loosing your boyfriend to another girl is nothing compared to some people. So in my advice take a step back and think about what other people are going through aswell as yourself.

    Well done Maddy, you've done me proud with this. Thank you :)

    Risha x