Thursday, 8 March 2012

Kind Words

I figured I am always going on about how i would like the world to be a better place and how every one should act in order to achieve this so i should just re-enforce that view with a quote then maybe I may be rid of it from my system. The quote is:

"Kind words do not cost much but they accomplish much".

Well this is completely true apart from the first half that states that kind words do not cost much. -They cost nothing at all! and who knows you might just gain something. I know at work I have to use manners and be nice to all the customers otherwise my boss will fire me, but I do it anyway because it makes me feel better not being rude.

Tonight at my basketball on one of the other courts (not my game) a girl got a tech foul for swearing at the umpire, why swear? It shows a lack of vocabulary and poor use of language, not only that half the time it is used out of it's context. I know different people will have different views on this and i acknowledge and accept that but honestly?, Do you like when people swear at you and say mean words to you? I know I don't, it brings ones self-esteem down and makes people self-conscious about everything they do. How would you feel if you said something mean and derogatory to someone then the next day you found out they committed suicide? It could have been because of what you said and now you have potentially just killed some innocent person who is someones brother/sister/mother/father/daughter/son/cousin/aunt/uncle/only friend.

All I ask is stop with the nasty words, I sound like a Nanny here but, don't say something if you haven't got something nice to say. Whats the point of it, there isn't one. While you may not be like me and being nice may not make you feel better, it will make you look better, you will have strong will power and appear smarter.             -Be nice!-

                                                                                                   Maddy x

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