Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Nobody like's it, no body wants it, many are scared of it. I am one of those people who are scared of it, although read my first blog and you will see i am slowly getting over that. It seems though that unless you are scared of it you never really think about it until it comes knocking at your life's door. You might see the occasional person in a hospital looking really ill, then get told that they were to absquatulate soon but you never really care profusely until a family member, close friend or pet dies.

I get that it is one of those things that happen to the young and old, poor and rich, famous and beggers. But I don't get why. Why does life have to be so unfair to take the ones you love away from you, to take something you loved with all your heart and then just destroy them? Occasionally making them suffer and try and fight with the pain until their heart gives out and they are left at their final resting place with only memories of the pain that they endured and the way everyone will remember them being a sick and sad valetudinarian.

I would like to just say now that this is something that has become close to my heart recently. I do not wish death on anyone especially the people I love, afterall, everybody is someones brother, sister, daughter, son, uncle, aunt, mother father. I do wish that if i could do just one thing before they died, i would grant them their one wish in the world and pause time just so i could do this, then tell them how much i loved them, but of course isn't this what every one wants to do for a loved one?

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