Wednesday, 22 February 2012

World Travel

When I'm 21 i want to do a Round the World Trip (RTW) and i want to go with the people i love to the places i adore. I know so many other 16 year olds say this then end up not going through with it because they don't have the money, because they think something bad will happen when they are away. Well, i'm serious about this one. In my head and my diary i have already started planning the trip, i am looking at expenses of air tickets, food, accomodation, places i HAVE to see in order for it to be just like my dreams. I am saving already and it's still another 5-6 years away. I have made my bucketlist of places to go and things to see. I have spoken to people who are doing it or have done it. The truth is i have the travelling bug. Hopefully by the time i'm 17/18 i would have travelled my birth country twice, so i won't need to do that again, (see, i'm already saving money by getting my parents to pay for that one ;-)  I was watching a youtube video the other week just randomly - i didn't even kow what it was about- when i came across this:

"For my part, I trravel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travels sake. The great affair is to move." -Robert Louis stevenson
That was on Team Farang Tour - The Temple, and while i loved seeing what they did at the temple, my mind couldn't stop thinking about that quote. It described me. Who I am, what I'm about. So thats what started all my thinking, i started looking up tips on RTW travel,  how to save money, how to make the most f your trip, where to get jobs, what visa's and passports and everthing else that you'll need. But really, what goes to plan? i know my life hasn't so far.. otherwise i'd be rich and celebrating my 21st at Antartica. I would have already been to 50 countries and seen 20 of the world wonders. I need a break. Everyone has to stop telling me that i won't be able to do it because i am too young and inexperienced. They need to listen, understand and watch me, just watch me. So while they are at home in a tiny villiage, living in a 2 bedroom house feeding 7 kids with 4 jobs, they can think "Wow, Maddy has done some amazing stuff with her life, i can't believe i ever doubted her". So I am going to pay attention to school, i am going to keep dreaming even when people put me down and i am going to enjoy the life while i still have it!

Dream big, enjoy life and you will rake in the benifits of being alive today.

                                                                                                                Maddy x


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