Friday, 24 February 2012


So.. tonight my view on sleepovers! Okay so this isn't going to be as inspirational as my previous blogs, so i'm sorry but i want some FUN!. Sleepovers:  spent with awesome friends(emily, theee awweesssooommmeeeessssttttttt!!!!!!) who push you to your limits and make you do crazy things at 8 at night.. (hmm, maybe only rebel for me..) music pumped, poses ready, D n M's on the go. Never wondering what to do next more like, why are we doing this?? <3 Home alone, and i have orders from the 'rents to clean the house! what is this! I thought i lived in a free country, - obviously not.. -. Oh well, still going to be funn with the best of the best. Starting with our nerd glasses attached to our heads and ending with the phone to our ears putting on a dodgy accent and claiming to be from telstra and other various million dollar companies. Movies here we come! bring it!

                                                                                 Maddy x (and Emily xox)

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