Monday, 20 February 2012

First Blog 2012

Well this is my first blog for 2012. I am Maddy and am still only young, but trust me my dreams are big (and i recon i think too much)! I was reading a "1000 things to do before you die" bucket list last night and there was a quote by Jane Fonda. It goes something like this;
"I thought to myself, well if thats the case and if what i'm scared of isn't death but getting to the end with regrets, then i've got to figure out what would be the things i would regret when i got to the last act if i hadn't done nor achieved them by then. And they were; having an intimate relationship and having made a difference."
Well i've got a few points in this quote that i relate to. First of all, the realisation that, like Ms Fonda, my greatest fear wasn't death it's self but dying with regrets. Secondly, having made a difference.. because how hard is it really to make a difference? It could be something so small such as sponsoring a child or teaching a few basic phrases of english to someone illiterate, but then again it could be finding a cure for cancer or curing someone of a disability such as being blind. And it is these people who make a difference that really inspire me and whom i aspire to be like. If there were more people like this, i believe the world would be a better place with less hate and more peace. Of course i can't force people to make a change so i am just going to try make a small change in my self to make me a better person and hopefully lead by example. This quote actually helped me overcome my fear of "death" of which i was quite afraid of. Now i just have to make that bucketlist and start crossing things off to make sure i have no regrets when the last straw is drawn.


  1. Hey Maddy:) This is Katie:) Missing you heaps and that is a really good quote! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hellooooo this is Elizabeth! i actually love what you are writing C: its really inspirational and you sound so so so smart!! i love reading this. xxx

    1. Thanks :) I hoped it would be inspirational so thats good. And smart..? hmm, i can't argue with that. xx