Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Today I write about the cold. It's not ging to be your average run-of-the-mill blog about the weather no! This is a rant about cold weather. Let me just begin, by telling you my story: For the past 4 years I haven't experienced a winter in Australia, as such, because I normally go north (toward the equator) during the normal winter/dry season/whenever cold weather is around (about May - October in the southern Hemisphere and October - May in the Northern hemisphere) and that gives me a lazy 27*C every day with nice sunny weather and long days at the beach and pools. The end. I have recently had to come back from the beautiful, sunny, warm, idylic weather that is Broome because of circumstances I care not to disclose. It's FREEZING!! Perhaps it is because my blood has thinned or something but still, there is no reason the earth should be this cold. Whilst I probably do need to get a bag of cement and 'toughen up princess' I am still doing my best to rug up and try -to no avail- stay warm and do excercise. Yesterday I had a thick scarf, a bamboo shirt (it is a soft and warm fabric made of Bamboo similar to a wooly silk but not quite the same), two thick jumpers, leggings, thick trackies, woolen socks and Ugg boots also gloves and ear-muffs. I was still cold. I went in to see my old boss and she said:

"Oh, have you put on weight?"

Me: *:O* "Nah, I am just wearing loads of clothing and I stopped short of wearing thermal underwear." Which, might I add, was true. That night I didn't go out for my normal nightly jog at 5pm to keep up my fitness and make me stay nice and warm because it was too cold and my mother said I might catch a cold. News - I have a cold anyway. So as I write this I am wiping a snotty nose, wearing much the same clothes as I did yesterday, rugging up in 2 thick doonas in a heated room, sipping a hot chocolate and eating Tim Tams (an Australian delacisy). I am wondering what I can do to get out of this cold and back into the warm weather without having to leave my humble abode or escape my doonas which have been ever so kind to me these past few days. Any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments belowww. Meanwhile I will continue to freeze in this cold cold place they call a town and await your cmments. Have a cool day! I know I will be.

                                                                                                                                   Maddy x

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