Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Silence vs Music

We hear it everywhere, (if like me you listen to music) don't stop the music, turn up the music and so on, so forth. But why? Why does the world insist that we have something to listen to? Is it for the simple reason that the artists who make music want money or is it because without it people would have nothing interesting to do and say?

I am afraid of silence. There I said it. I agree it is sort of weird to be scared of  such a innocent thing, and whilst I can go without hearing anything and I won't get fidgety and anxious or scream or anything, I don't like silence. Silence is a raging and out of control fire that licks at your soul until you are bare and exposed. When silence hits me, my ears tune into anything that is making a sound. I hear a stick crack, a bird jump from branch to branch, my silent breathing becomes concise and defined. I reach for my phone, my iPod any form of sound making thing on me, if I don't have a technological device I click, hum or just tune into any sounds around me.

Sometimes I go for a walk, and it gets quite silent. My ears tune into the surroundings. The most beautiful thing that happens is that by doing this I instantly get relaxed and can forget the world for a moment. I listen to the crunch of grass blades as they are crushed under my heel, I listen to the birds making their song, and imagine the words of a song I know inserted into this space. Life is truly complete when we can accept and acknowledge the little things that make our world an amazing and stunning space that is at our feet.

I recently bought a new iPod (a white 64gb :) and because I ordered it through the Apple Store online I received a free engraving. I chose the quote:

'Music is Perpetual, only the hearing is intermittent'
This is a quote by I can't remember who, but I am sure that if you googled it, you would find it :).  To me this quote couldn't be more true, we can choose whether we want to hear the music or not, and to always hear the music is something I have promised myself to do always.

My music taste: I love all music really, anything from screamo to indie, heavy metal to pop. The only thing I ask for is a topic that matters. After this, everything will come into perspective. Of course everyone has their own opinion of what topics matter and what doesn't so all songs are beautiful to their own individual audience. Recently however, I have found myself listening to indie and hip-hop/rap. Completely different genre's I know but they just connect with me. Anyone who says music is not educational has not listened to a good rapper. A good rapper uses new and exciting vocabulary that challenges it's listeners and introduces them to new ways of speaking. Indie is just the soft music and the music that relaxes me in every way because it seems as though it is picked and derived from the environment around us.

Getting back to the topic: Silence vs Music. Who wins? Obviously Music. You may think that my opinion is slightly biased as I am afraid of Silence, but I'm sure many, given the opportunity, would choose music over silence. There is something out there in music for everyone, something to sooth or work up and it has been proven to be good in many different circumstances.

Circumstance 1: 'Helps' you lose weight and stay motivated when working out.
Circumstance 2: Allows you to express your true feelings without being violent, putting your feelings on the line or making a fool of yourself.
Circumstance 3: Proven to be of great help to patients with depression and/or anxiety.

Just 3 cases where music is helpful to you and everyone around you. So take the advise of David Bowie, and 'Listen to the music'. :)

                                                                                                                                       Maddy x


  1. "Silence is a raging and out of control fire that licks at your soul until you are bare and exposed." This is amazing Maddie! :) I agree that silance is scary, I have to turn the radio on or somthing at night, it's just too scary :)

  2. Aw thanks :) I quite liked that metaphor too! Haha. Glad I'm not alone!